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TAS is the abbreviation for Tonus Asymmetries System, KISS means Symmetric imbalances caused by the joints of the skull.
TAS is characterized by various spine blockages. This results in various symptoms reaching from capital mispostures to obvious misbehaviour (cf. symptoms). Usually only certain areas of the spine are affected. If capital joints are affected it's the KISS syndrome. An exact diagnosis is an important requirement for a successful treatment. This is when manual-osteopathic and neuro-kinesiological treatments according to Voita need to be applied, normally with excellent results.

TAS is mobile disturbance during infancy. The baby's brain and bone marrow are not affected. The functional disturbances can be reversed by adequate therapy so that the baby's future development happens without any further impediments.

TAS can be treated by the appropriate atlas therapy. Its symptoms depend on the severity and length of the blockage. There are no clear symptoms. However, often the patients show the following symptoms:
asymmetric capital posture, tilted head, flat back of head, slower development of capital control, expanded head, dislike of lying on the tummy, asymmetric skull,asymmetric face, scoliosis, bended rips and tilted pelvis, hip disabilities, feet disposture, disturbances in the sleep and wake rhythm, insufficient drinking,signs of fear, aggressiveness and crying without obvious reasons.

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