Dr. med. Sascha BambachDr. med. Sascha Bambach

Balanced Ligamentous Tension and Ligamentous Articular Strain Techniques

Sutherland taught the application of gentle Craniosacral techniques on joints and ligaments. It‘s the aim of this mild technique to reduce pain by balancing ligamentous tension.

Balanced LIgamentous Tension (BLT) and Ligamentous Articular Strain techniques are very similar. These techniques were developed by the following professionals:

W.G. Sutherland, H.A. Lippincott, R. Lippincott, R. Becker and A. Wales. The main developer, however, was Sutherland. As early as in the 1940s he described the options of treating joints by using the principles of craniosacral treatments which had excellent effects on the treated joints.

LAS and BLT therapies apply the following principles: A regular functioning joint doesn‘t have any abnormal ligament tension - whereas a stressed and impaired hurting joint might have some. Reducing ligament tension improves the function of the joint and leads to pain reduction.

Options of application:

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