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Atlas is a Greek word and means ,carrier‘. In Greek mythology Atlas was a Titan who carried and supported heaven at its most western point of the world known at that day and age.
Anatomically atlas is the first vertebrae. Similar to the Gods in Greek mythology it has a supportive function: It carries the scalp and is the junction (connection) between head and spine.

Dr. Arlen‘s Atlastherapy

Dr. Arlen was born in Hoerdt (French Alsace) in 1925. He studied medicine in Strasbourg and had a practice in Münster where he developed a special diagnostic (metamerdiagnostic) method and Atlastherapy. Since 1984 he has offered regular training classes.
The number of sessions depends on the results: Often his therapy is successful after only one treatment.
In comparison to the usual therapeutic manipulations done manually this Atlastherapy is a very careful manipulation.
I acquired the correct impulse giving (technique) with reference to its length and strength in appropriate classes on a computer based model.
The impulse for infants is different from an impulse for adults.


Sensomotoric disturbances of control and movements may lead to an asymmetric posture or asymmetric movements. These often result in symptoms like:
weak posture, asymmetric posture, misposition of feet, in pre-elementary and school age.

Furthermore Atlastherapy is used for the following problems:

Kiss syndrome, blockage of capital joints, Tonus Asymmetric syndrome, blockages of neck-, breast and lower spine, sensomotoric Integration disturbance, upper spine motion trauma, genetic scoliosis, cervical headaches, tension headache, cervical dizziness, migraines, herpes zoster pain, cervical hearing problems, nausea, globus feeling (blocked throat), lack of concentration, Tinnitus, malfunction of jaw joints, neuromuscular malfunctions ( symptoms of Myopathy, Myotony, Dystony) such as also shown with Multiples Sclerosis.

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